Service Excellence. Defined.

I remember myself as a twenty-four-year-old. Answering phone calls late into the evening. Rushing to drop off a UPS package as the clock struck midnight. Saying yes to everything all the time.

They’re just a few things that represent serving clients in ways that go beyond the norm. Important then. Still important.


Holidays Offer Great Opportunities to Connect with Consumers through “Intelligent” Packaging

Holiday and event-themed packaging offers brands unique ways to connect with consumers all year long.

We work with lots of consumer brands that have cultivated strong followings with their customers. Packaging is one of the most valuable ways to accomplish and maintain that goal. Through a consistent and distinctive visual presentation of a brand’s personality, the package begins to mean much more than that of a container that is simply designed to hold a product. It’s much more. It’s an up-close-and-personal way to further build that brand-customer relationship.


CMG Tackles the Classic Conflict: Cost vs. Design

Finding Solutions That Work for Everyone

When customers come to us for help with a packaging solution, we do everything possible to look at all the angles before making any recommendations. We try to consider all of the available enhancements, options, and alternatives that could impact the design and more importantly the manufacturability of the package.


CMG Plastics is Certified Food Safe

Certified Food Safe

We understand how important it is to do our part to keep the food supply chain safe. That is why CMG Plastics adheres to the highest standards of food safety in our plastic packaging manufacturing operations. Both of our facilities (USA & Canada) are FSSC 22000 certified, which is a food safety certification that is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as an internationally accepted standard against which operations can be audited and certified. (more…)