Capabilities & Services

CMG Plastics facilities are clean, bright, and state of the art.

We utilize a broad, flexible and technologically advanced manufacturing base. Our employee teams are the best in the business and are committed to a strategy of continuous improvement, a sharp focus on quality and providing superior customer service.

Our injection molding and blow molding capabilities our integrated with our full capabilities which include:

  • Engineering, Tooling & Product Design
  • Injection Molding
    • Thin Wall & High Velocity Molding
    • Multi-Component Molding
    • High Cavitation and Stack Molds
    • Multi Materials
    • Direct Offset Printing (up to eight colors)
  • In-Mold Labeling & Decoration
  • Injection Stretch-Blow Molding
    • Narrow to Wide Neck Bottles
  • Automation – Including Inspection, Packaging and Palletizing.
  • Packaging, Warehousing & Distribution

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