If you look closely as you make your way down the aisles of supermarkets and grocery stores, you begin to see them here, there, and just about everywhere. Rigid plastic containers.

They’re being used in a growing number of food categories, including snacks like pretzels, condiments like pickles, spreads and dips like hummus, and of course dairy products like yogurt and sour cream.

They’re also making their presence felt in the freezer aisle. One of their first appearances was in the form of packaging for ice cream and other frozen dairy treats. In the highly competitive category, today’s premium brands use the inherently upmarket qualities of rigid plastic packaging to create brand distinction and appetite appeal. Clear rigid plastic containers create appetite appeal in a way that opaque, paper-based packaging simply can’t.

Brands who demand the type of superior protection for their products not afforded by flexible pouches often choose rigid packaging because of its often-superior protection capabilities. They also reduce the probability of the packaged products being damaged or contaminated. New plastic materials introduced in recent years have greatly improved the performance of these packages as well their ability to preserve product freshness. This is especially important during the package’s journey along the supply chain where damage can occur.

Plastic containers and lids can be produced in a wide variety of shapes that improve a customer’s interaction with the package and provide a more “scoop-friendly” experience. As one of the leading manufacturers of plastic containers and lids, CMG Plastics can help produce frozen food packaging that incorporates design features such as tamper evident tabs and snap tight lids that lock-in freshness. Furthermore, the rigid nature of plastic gives a container added structure so that it improves performance both in and out of the freezer all while providing superior protection against odor absorption.

Packages with In-Mold Labels (IML) withstand harsh packaging, shipping, and storage environments, where temperatures can sometimes reach as low as -40°F.  IML labels also provide exceptional graphic and design possibilities, create dynamic shelf presence, and can carry features such as digital barcodes that give consumers the ability to interact with the brand and the package itself in new and engaging ways. One final factor that can’t be overlooked is the issue of recyclability. While cardboard can make a good package for ice cream, dairy, and other frozen products, the combination of cardboard and an interior plastic lining prevents it from becoming part of the recycling stream. Whereas a plastic container and lid freezer are fully recyclable, including the In-Mold label itself.

Summing it up, plastic packaging with In-Mold Labels that come in appealing and functional shapes can help you achieve your goal of differentiating your brand and its frozen products in the freezer aisle while improving your customer’s overall experience.

CMG Plastics is here, ready to help you make your mark in the freezer aisle with rigid plastic packaging that will optimize your brand’s performance in the challenging environment of the freezer aisle. To discover the possibilities, give us a call at 908-218-7997, or simply fill out the contact form below.