The Cost of In-Mold Labeling (IML) - CMG Plastics


Whatever your brand or its product category, the fight for greater market share and increased margins never ends. Building your brand’s awareness and preference, especially at the point of sale are critical factors. One cost-effective tool in this battle is the innovative packaging process of In-Mold Labeling (IML), where a preprinted label is placed directly into a tool (mold) prior to injecting the plastic. The plastic packaging label then becomes a functional, integral component of the final product in a single manufacturing step.

Is IML something that can benefit your brand? Consider these cost-efficiencies associated with the IML process:

IML IS INHERENTLY MORE EFFICIENT. It combines the labeling and molding processes into one step, streamlining production and reducing labor costs. This eliminates the need for a separate labeling step after molding, saving time and resources.

IML SAVES MATERIAL. With IML, the label becomes an integral part of the container during the molding process, eliminating the need for additional adhesive or heat shrinking, thereby reducing material costs.

IML LABELS HAVE GREATER DURABILITY. Integrated into the container during molding, IML labels are more resistant to wear-and-tear compared to traditional labels applied after molding. This factor reduces the likelihood of label damage during handling and transportation.

IML OFFERS ENDLESS DECORATING POSSIBILITIES. Amazing high-quality, full-color graphics and intricate designs can be directly molded into the container. This eliminates the need for secondary decorating processes such as printing or labeling, reducing costs associated with customization.

IML IS ENVIRONMENTALLY SMART. Because it incorporates the label into the container during the molding process, there is typically less waste generated compared to traditional labeling methods that may produce excess labels or adhesive backing.

IML REDUCES STORAGE AND HANDLING. Managing separate inventories of labels and containers is eliminated with IML. This simplifies storage and handling processes, reducing overhead costs associated with inventory management.

The long-term cost savings offered by these many benefits and advantages are why more and more brands are making IML a cost-effective choice for manufacturing their rigid plastic food containers.

CMG’s In-Mold Labeling & Offset Printing decorating capabilities give us the ability to deliver cost-effective finished goods with high brand appeal, making them stand out from your competition in markets such as foods, beverages, consumer products, healthcare products and many, many more.

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