With online deliveries in high demand due to COVID-19, it’s not enough just to offer free shipping or confirm the shipment reached its destination. A leader in custom plastic packaging solutions, CMG knows products need to be appropriately packaged and protected in transit, so the customer will have a consistent and satisfactory result every time they place an order. Brands need to be thoughtful about how their products are shipped. How are the goods presented to the consumer? What works on the shelf may show up very differently in a home delivery. Brands must adapt and conform to the customer experience. CMG takes great care to consider package protection both in transit and in use, to protect products from rough handling, transit, temperature and other external factors. We also help our clients with considerations like product commingling, to make sure that bundled items, when shipped, are done so in packaging that protects all products from breakage, leakage or other damage.

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