Digimarc Barcode is an invisible element of packaging artwork placed throughout an In-Mold Label (IML).

It helps brands promote direct customer communication, implement product transparency initiatives, easier checkout and self-checkout, improved inventory management as well as supply chain efficiencies. Consumers can intuitively scan different areas of a package label to experience a wide range of brand content, such as how-to videos, promotion of related products, along with inspiration and ideas. CMG Plastics, a premier rigid plastic packaging company, partners with IML supplier Verstraete in the production of Digimarc encoded labels.

This revolutionary label technology combined with intelligent packaging offers great benefits for packaging converters, distributors, brand owners, retailers as well as consumers:

  • Tracking and authentication of products
  • Protection against counterfeiting
  • Consumer engagement and interaction
  • Big data through consumer information
  • 20% faster checkout in stores

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