Holiday and event-themed packaging offers brands unique ways to connect with consumers all year long.

We work with lots of consumer brands that have cultivated strong followings with their customers. Packaging is one of the most valuable ways to accomplish and maintain that goal. Through a consistent and distinctive visual presentation of a brand’s personality, the package begins to mean much more than that of a container that is simply designed to hold a product. It’s much more. It’s an up-close-and-personal way to further build that brand-customer relationship.

So how can a brand do more with packaging to catch the attention of consumers?

Consider the calendar. It presents a year-long opportunity to stretch the brand “muscles,” while bringing variety and excitement to packaging on a more frequent basis than just the occasional “tweak” to labeling, decorating or its shape. Updates may happen every few years, but the consumer doesn’t sit still. They’re busy enjoying life…and the annual events that fill the calendar.

As we head into the last few months of the year and the holiday season, it’s a good time to consider the marketing opportunities that can be energized with holiday-themed packaging in the months ahead and throughout 2021. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Independence Day are some of the more traditional events on the calendar, but many others exist that can be used to create brand excitement with themed packaging and promotion. For example, in November alone there’s National Candy Day, National Fast Food Day and National Eat-a-Cranberry Day. In fact, there’s a day that celebrates just about every product category and product.

When it comes to celebrating holidays with packaging, In-Mold Labeling (IML) is an ideal way to build visual excitement on the retail shelf and create brand excitement with consumers all year long. And now, there’s a new technology that’s giving IML “superpowers.”

It’s called Digimarc Barcode. IML enhanced with Digimarc Barcodes transform a package into intelligent packaging, offering added value in all stages of the packaging journey. Brand managers and marketing professionals can use Digimarc Barcode as a single-solution – an alternative to cumbersome QR codes – to convey product information, create rich brand experiences and consumer promotions while retaining the branded style and character of their packaging artwork. One of the most important advantages is that the label artwork is unchanged, but this new barcode technology delivers a universe of brand, retail and consumer opportunities.

CMG Plastics will be glad to show you all the different possibilities of customizing your brand packaging to make each holiday a time of growth and success.

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