The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented consumer spending in the health and wellness sector.

This was especially true in the disinfecting, sanitizing and antibacterial product categories. Panic buying and stockpiling caused rapid double- and triple-digit growth. As a result, many start-ups and smaller brands quickly joined in to help meet temporary demand. With practically no lead time, many brands were understandably hyper-focused on the product itself, spending little time or money considering packaging options and design elements.

While this rapid entrance strategy worked during the early days of the pandemic, new brands must now differentiate as buying slows. As significant strategic assets, packaging and design directly impact how consumers perceive brands. In many cases, the packaging is considered a fundamental part of the brand itself.

With so many health and wellness brands out there, it is risky to continue relying on functional, stock packaging that does not engage customers. CMG’s plastic packaging and design options are customized to distinguish products from competitors, while accurately reflecting the brand’s priorities and values.

It is important to note that not every brand or product requires its own fully custom plastic packaging. An unlimited variety of “customized” or hybrid options are available that seamlessly combine custom elements with stock components. The result is one-of-a-kind packaging and product presentations that set brands apart from their competition.

While sometimes the custom or customized package design approach may seem cost-prohibitive, this is only true at the onset. Moving forward, unit costs come down. When considering the lifespan of the brand, investing early in custom packaging often represents a faster path to marketplace adoption and acceptance.

Contact the CMG Plastics team today, and we will help you explore a range of custom or customized packaging options to help you determine the best approach for your brands.