Think retro. Everything old is new again.

Retro designs have been the latest trend in packaging design for some time now and we’ve noticed that it continues to spread.

More and more products have been reverting back to packaging from way back when. New companies are also savvy enough to reintroduce retro/vintage packaging, attracting customers with a look that “turns back the hands of time,” so to speak.

One key reason is that nostalgia is more attractive to shoppers during times of uncertainty, such as from economic downturns or social isolation. Heinz Ketchup reintroduced its eight-sided bottle from the 1990s; PepsiCo rolled out throwback versions of Pepsi and Mountain Dew. A number of beer brands like Lite Beer from Miller have reintroduced legacy packaging by incorporating alternative materials like plastic bottles which are lighter, require less energy to manufacture and are also recyclable.

Combining retro-look package design with today’s best materials and manufacturing solutions is something we’ve been doing long before retro was retro.

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