Today’s savvy consumers want to see what they’re buying. Clear In-Mold Labeling creates a visible advantage.

Many consumer brands have switched to In-Mold Labeling (IML). They did so because of its many advantages, like recyclability, high-impact graphics, shipping durability and overall quality. Now, those brands and many more are discovering another benefit. One that helps them stand out even more in today’s competitive market: clear IML packaging.

Clear IML product packaging and containers are widely used in consumer industries where a product’s visual appearance matters, such as premium ice creams, designer beverages and high-end cosmetics. Consumers want to see the color, texture and the overall look of a product before they buy, and purchase more products they consider to be visually appealing. As an integral part of the package itself, clear IML allows brands to artfully design eye-catching graphics that complement the product without obstructing the view. This marketing tactic can be particularly effective in consumer sectors where dozens of brands can compete in a single retail category. For example, the proliferation of new products in the dairy alternatives market makes it extremely difficult for the many non-dairy yogurt, ice cream and beverage brands to stand out on the shelf. The solution? A custom, clear IML with rich textures, colors, images and finishes that creates a bold brand statement, differentiating the product from its competitors.

With more than 20 years of experience offering in-mold labeling capabilities, CMG Plastics is well-positioned to help brands meet today’s visual marketing challenges. CMG Plastics was among the first custom packaging companies in North America to adopt this technology more than 20 years ago.

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