Rapid Response: From “Yes” to Commercially Operational in 10 Days

What it takes to Execute a Quick and Efficient Mold Transfer

Recently, a customer asked if we could help them with an urgent need to manufacture several of their flip-top closures. Their current vendor was having trouble keeping up with the demand and our customer needed to make a change quickly. This is exactly the type of challenge a plastic packaging manufacturer like CMG Plastics exceeds at solving.

After collecting and thoroughly evaluating the data and the requirements, we immediately put our plan into action. It is important to keep in mind that these were complicated 48 cavity flip-top closure molds with in-mold lid closing that had some performance issues. With some quick work from our in-house tooling team, we were soon on our way to producing tens of millions of closures within 10 days of receiving the molds.

So how did we accomplish a successful, multi-mold transfer so quickly? It was essentially a matter of following basic principles we turn to every day:

  • Communicate early and often. Talk at the front-end and throughout the project. Speak with all the parties involved. Make the effort to understand any pain points and nuances that may exist.
  • Collaborate closely. Involve the right players, internally and externally. Pull from a diverse group of experts from across all the organizations involved. Evaluate, listen, understand, and learn.
  • Align on speed. That does not mean cutting corners, but rather take the time in the beginning to do things right to avoid lost time and money later.

Or, as the adage says, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

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