In the battle between the world of real and virtual shopping, consider packaging alternatives.

“Online-only” brands know it. And now formerly “bricks-and-mortar-only” brands are rapidly beginning to understand it. The “it” is properly configuring brand packaging for the online consumer shopping experience.

Many of the brands we work with create strong brand connections with consumers in a retail environment. The touch and feel of a package reinforce the relationship. However, most packaging is still designed and produced as if it will only exist on a store shelf during the purchase cycle. The consumer trend to online or contactless shopping continues to grow, driven in no small part by the public’s concerns for personal health and safety.

Because the online shopping experience is different, brands are rethinking their packaging to better align with the “virtual store” environment. This includes light-weighting, alternative packaging materials, tactile surfaces, decorating and labeling. The benefits that result can be a win-win for brands and consumers alike.

If you think your package can benefit from a review of its manufacturing and packaging materials, please contact us to discover all the possibilities.