For years now, many brands have been trending towards thinner and more lightweight packaging. There are many compelling reasons for this trend including lower cost and meeting sustainability goals, but the challenge has always been maintaining a products’ structural integrity while minimizing part weight.

Thanks to the efforts of one of our premier tooling partners, StackTeck Systems, we now have the ability to produce ultra-thin-wall, high-speed packaging with In-Mold labeling capabilities at both our Somerville, NJ and Brantford, ON facilities.

StackTeck’s patented TRIMtm (Thin Recess Injection Molding) technology uses a combination of ultra-thin panels and flow leaders to produce cups, tubs and lids that are 20-40% lighter when compared to parts produced using conventional tooling technologies. We can now produce injection molded components that are more cost-competitive against thermoformed parts, have good structural integrity, are lighter in weight and can be decorated using In-Mold Labeling.

Ultimately, working in close partnership with all of your supply chain providers, including designers, mold makers, converters and filling operations, is what truly makes an ultra-thin-wall project a consumer success. Working together we can maintain that careful balance of sustainability, performance, aesthetics and, of course, cost.

If you’re interested in exploring an ultra-thin-wall packaging solution or alternative, feel free to contact us here!