Drone Ready Packaging by CMG Plastics

With commercial drone delivery starting to “take off,” it’s time to rethink plastic packaging that is ready to fly.

Rapid package delivery via drones is closer than you might think. Amazon recently received FAA approval to operate Prime Air – its fleet of commercial delivery drones designed to bring thousands of products to customers in 30 minutes or less. Amazon is one of several companies, including UPS and Wing, planning to expand its horizons with rapid drone delivery.

This is an exciting opportunity for many brands in the retail space to reach consumers with unprecedented speed. However, “drone commerce” also creates an urgent need for companies to re-evaluate packaging to ensure it can withstand new and challenging logistical requirements. This creates a tipping point for brands that still use “brick-and-mortar” retail shelf packaging for e-commerce applications – a situation that can cause significant delivery problems in maintaining package and product integrity.

While some retailers have already successfully redesigned their plastic packaging to withstand the traditional e-commerce logistics, drone shipping adds additional challenges. Packaging will need to address new issues such as:

  • Wider temperature variations, including weather and seasonality
  • Greater protective and durability needs
  • Weight restrictions and considerations
  • Enhanced security features that safeguard the product

As a result, companies need to develop drone-friendly packaging that maintains their brand’s traditional look and feel. The goal? Seamlessly delivering products quickly in unique and protective packaging, ultimately creating a superior customer experience.

As drone commerce continues to take flight, one of the greatest advantages may be for new or smaller brands looking to gain market share. Brands that embrace drone commerce now and design for this delivery mechanism have a golden opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors, thereby growing their presence within challenging or cluttered market segments.

CMG Plastics has led numerous package redesigns and is well-positioned to help you design plastic packaging that meets all of your brand’s goals – including changing transit and delivery needs. Give us a call to learn more.