How Packaging Color Affects Buying Behavior - CMG Plastics

The psychology of color is fascinating. In addition to having a profound impact on mood, it plays an important role in product packaging, design, filler choices and more.

If you follow color trends, you are probably aware of the Pantone Color Institute and its decades-long practice of declaring a Color of the Year. That color often reflects the country’s mood, and typically sparks a color trend seen across many industries, ranging from home décor and fashion to graphic and packaging design.

This year, Pantone has selected two colors – Ultimate Gray (17-5104) described as a natural, solid color and illuminating (13-0647), a bright and cheerful yellow. Together, these two colors complement one another nicely, representing bold strength and sunny positivity. In many ways, it is the perfect rendering of our current 2021 post-pandemic outlook.

At CMG Plastics, we understand color and its subconscious impact on consumers and their buying habits. Colors have psychological effects. For example, light blues and greens are known to create a calming effect and are often heavily used in a theater’s backstage waiting area, aka the “green room.” CMG Plastics also recognizes that colors have a major influence on whether a consumer purchases a specific product.

CMG Plastics is adept at helping customers achieve the best colors – and color combinations – for their messaging while differentiating themselves within the marketplace. We have worked across many industries to help customers evolve their packaging to better appeal to their target audience while following relevant color trends.

Recently, the colors selected by our clients for plastic injection molding and blow molding projects have moved from clear, natural, and muted tones to bolder and much more vibrant color palette that makes a strong statement.

When it comes to selecting packaging colors for your products, CMG Plastics can support virtually any color or color combination you can imagine. And for brands requiring an even broader visual palette, CMG Plastics can support unlimited decorating and color effects such as metallics, glitters, embossing, and grain-like finishes.

To learn more about how CMG Plastics can help bring more color impact to your packaging, contact us.