Augmented Reality (AR) has come to packaging.

Growing interest in this new technology reflects its increasing popularity on many social media platforms and offers brands the opportunity to create customer loyalty with the interactive, sharable experiences that AR creates.

In-Mold Labeling (IML) enhanced with Digimarc Barcodes and featuring AR brings added value to all stages of the consumer journey, creating rich brand experiences. Easily accessed by an invisible printed code on packages and labeling, it virtually surrounds the consumer with images and activities that comes to life.

As just one example of the possibilities of AR, Amazon recently began rolling out packaging that comes to life with an augmented reality app, keeping shoppers busy with the boxes that show up at their door. Users simply point a mobile device at the code on the side of an Amazon box to start playing in AR. This past summer, Amazon packages directed users to instructions on how to make such creations as a cat fort and robot costume.

If you’d like to excite and engage your customers with your brand packaging that uses Digimarc or AR, please contact us and let’s talk about the possibilities.