At CMG Plastics, we’re not only imagining what the next generation of plastic bottles will look like, we’re creating them with the ability to mold translucent view stripes into fully opaque bottles.

Bottles commonly used for products such as detergents, cleaning solutions, beverages, personal care items, and many other liquid household products, can now be enhanced to improve the user experience by the incorporation of translucent view stripes running down the length of either side of the bottle. These view stripes give users the ability to monitor the amount of product remaining quickly and easily. As the battle for the consumer dollar continues, brands can attract the attention of buyers and differentiate themselves from competitors with this distinctive packaging feature.

Bottles with view stripes are produced utilizing standard Extrusion Blow Molded (EBM) machines but include a secondary extruder to deliver the view stripe material. This second extruder, working in concert with the main extruder, push both the opaque and translucent materials through a special extrusion die simultaneously. The die forms the materials into a hollow tube (or parison) and a mold is then closed around the parison. Air is then injected into the parison to blow the material into the desired bottle shape.

Bottles with view stripes can be fully customized in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to satisfy your product and brands requirements. They have a virtually countless number of applications for any industry, including food service, health clubs and gyms, hospitals and healthcare facilities, theaters, and sports venues.

For the hospitality industry, larger bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and body wash that include view stripes are now replacing the traditional, smaller single-use bottles. These new larger bottles require less handling than the single-use bottles and the view stripes allow the user or the housekeeping staff to quickly determine the amount of product remaining and if a bottle needs to be replaced or not.

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