CMG Sustainability Commitment

EarthCMG is deeply committed to the proper stewardship of our natural resources.  Our commitment is important not only because of rising demand for environmental responsibility, but also because it’s important to business growth.  After all, goals such as minimizing scrap and waste are good for our planet and for our bottom line.

Our sustainability efforts are one of our four core operating principles and thus part of what we do every day.   Our efforts include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Installing high efficiency fluorescent lighting fixtures equipped with motion activated technology throughout our facilities.  This has reduced our lighting energy consumption by over 35%.
  • Recycling all of our plastic materials, including any floor sweeping, machine purging’s or contaminated materials with our recycling partners.
  • Recycling all of our paper, cardboard and scrap pallets.
  • Installing high efficiency equipment such as material driers, air compressors and water cooling systems.
  • Utilize high efficiency all-electric machines. These machines use significantly less energy than traditional all hydraulic machines while providing a high degree of process stability and control.  Currently, over 85% of machines are all-electric machines
  • Continuously working with our valued customers on prototyping custom packaging solutions that incorporate light-weighting initiatives such as thin-wall technology.
  • Committed to preventing resin pellet loss in our operations through good housekeeping methods and by participating in the Operation Clean Sweep program.

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