If you thought about how to describe December in a word, what would that one, solitary word be?

Probably, “holidays.”

Which got us thinking. If “holidays” is the word to characterize December, then what’s the one word to best describe the holidays?

That single-word description turned out to be much, much harder for us to identify. There was lots of discussion. Plenty of opinions. And some really good suggestions. But in the end, no consensus.

However, there were so many good ones we decided to share them all with you in a video that also includes our most heartfelt wishes to you and your family and friends for a safe and healthy Holiday Season.

Check out our holiday video here.

So, what’s your favorite word to describe the Holiday Season?

Drop us a note. We’d love to know what it is. Be thoughtful and descriptive but choose wisely. You don’t want to end up on the “naughty” list.