Refillable Plastic Packaging by CMG Plastics

Most sustainability efforts focus on using recyclable materials, reducing waste, and minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. However, one of the original pillars of sustainability, reuse, has re-emerged as top brands increase adoption of refillable packaging.

After all, if you truly want to keep containers out of landfills, wouldnโ€™t it make sense to reuse and refill the containers you have?

From refillable cartridges and dispensers inrigid plastic containers forpersonal care and beauty, to refillable jars and bottles for food, beverages, and medication, consumer demand for refillable packaging is expected to skyrocket. According to a study from Smithers, The Future of Refillable and Reusable Packaging to 2027, this market is expected to grow 5 percent annually through 2027.

There are several models for refillable packaging beyond the traditional practice of refilling at home, including refilling in a store or returning a reusable container to a store to be refilled. To increase consumer adoption, brands are expected to offer advice on refilling and incentivize reuse with mobile apps and other technology. E-commerce subscriptions are likely to fuel growth of refillable packaging as well.

Innovations in track-and-trace systems could provide insight into mapping and packaging waste, while enhanced cleaning capabilities can improve the recyclability and reuse of refillable packaging.Also, in addition to providing superior function and durability, brands are investing in packaging so beautiful that customers wonโ€™t want to get rid of it.

The stars seem to be aligned for refillable packaging as consumers are no longer satisfied with recyclable packaging. Consumers want brands to reduce the amount of single-use packaging and theyโ€™ve shown a willingness to support brands that commit to such a transition.

If youโ€™d like to discuss options for refillable packaging for personal care, beauty, food and beverage, or other categories, contact CMG Plastics today to schedule a consultation.