Brantford-Ontario-Plastics-ManufacturerGeographic proximity to your custom plastic packaging resource offers advantages.

The most obvious are reduced shipping times and costs, and easier collaboration.

That’s why we want to let you know of the availability of our Brantford, Ontario plastics manufacturing facility. It offers truly world-class, custom plastic packaging production services in a clean, modern, highly automated 75,000 sq. ft. facility. Its capabilities are tailored to the needs of customers in the healthcare, food and other package goods industries. An hour’s drive west of Niagara Falls, it offers a potentially perfect resource for companies located in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, up-state New York and Toronto. Please check out our video here that includes footage from our Canada plastics packaging plant.

Is our Canadian plastics manufacturing facility right for you?

Is CMG Plastics right for you? We invite you to find out more by reviewing our site and/or contacting Jens (pronounced “Yens”) Duerr at 908.218.7997 ext. 203. In the meantime, know this. We thrive in this very highly competitive industry by:

  • Being better at studying and incorporating industry best practices and proven technologies into our processes. This translates to speed, cost and consistent quality.
  • Offering superior customer service – which you feel as responsiveness, reliability and exactly what you need when you need it – including both product and reporting.

Our overall mission is simple: To offer you the best experience you’ve had working with a custom plastics packaging supplier.

CMG Plastics' Brantford, Ontario Custom Plastics Manufacturing Facility