Packaging and Bagging Systems for Plastic Bottles - CMG Plastics

Every organization on the planet is under pressure to operate more efficiently with a smaller environmental footprint. CMG Plastics recently installed several new packaging systems for bottles that use less packaging materials, preserve natural resources, and reduce costs. These systems use the rigid structure of the bottle to maintain the structural integrity of the package while using polybags instead of fully enclosed corrugated boxes.

We converted the traditional bag-in-box packaging format to a fully automated system that orients the bottles into compact and efficient packing units. A bag is then formed around the bottles and heat sealed around the entire packaging unit, creating a sealed, hygienic package that can be easily handled by plant personnel.

Some of the advantages we realized of bagging vs. boxing for one specific application include:

  • We will reduce the total amount of corrugated required by more than 70 percent. In terms of pounds, that will equal more than 220,000 pounds of corrugated saved per year.
  • We will ship almost 50 percent more bottles per trailer load when compared to traditional bag-in-box formats.

Of course, there is still some corrugated used in our new alternative bagging format, but it can be re-used or recycled. The increased trailer load capacity means fewer overall shipments, lower fuel usage, and a reduction in emissions. Manual labor is also reduced both post-molding as well as at the customer’s filling line due to the ease of handling.

Keep in mind that about 17 mature trees are needed to manufacture one ton of corrugated. Our new bagging format for bottles will save nearly 1,900 mature trees per year in this one application alone.

This is meaningful change toward maximizing efficiency and sustainability. Our team used a little outside-the-box thinking – or, in this case, beyond-the-box thinking – to come up with a new shipping technique that is innovative yet simple to implement.

CMG Plastics will continue to look for ways to improve how we operate and fulfill orders while reducing environmental impact with eco-friendly packaging innovations. It’s not just good business. It’s the right thing to do.