You’ve dominated dairy, in-mold labeling.
Now it’s time to spread your wings and fly.

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Perhaps the most obvious, immediate need for in-mold labeling was in the dairy aisle, where paper-wrapped plastic and other packaging just weren’t cutting it. Rigid, resealable plastic containers with an integrated label have been a major upgrade in every way – structurally, functionally, aesthetically, and sustainably.

While in-mold labeling can be found in other aisles and several product categories outside the grocery store, the time has come for more brands
to get on board with in-mold labeling. The benefits to the brand, the consumer, and our planet are too great to ignore.


What you’ll learn about in-mold labeling…

  • Market forecasts for in-mold labeling
  • What in-mold labeling is
  • Popular in-mold labeling applications
  • High-value attributes of in-mold labeling
  • Technology, systems, and processes behind in-mold labeling
  • In-mold labeling manufacturing considerations
  • Growth categories for in-mold labeling

Your Single In-Mold Labeling Resource

We would never be able to share everything we know about in-mold labeling in an ebook. After all, CMG Plastics was one of the earliest adopters of in-mold labeling technologies and has been designing and manufacturing these products for more than 20 years. What we’ve done here is distilled the most important in-mold labeling information and insights into a single document to better inform your decision-making process.


Get this free ebook today and use it as a guide when researching and evaluating in-mold labeling for your brand!

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