How Digimarc-enhanced IML connects consumers to a wide world of brand experiences.

Many of the consumer brands we work with use In-Mold Labeling (IML) to build visual excitement on the retail shelf and create brand excitement with consumers. Typography, illustrations and photography used in this offset printing technique deliver high-resolution images on all the sides of a container with one single label.

As competition for sales and market share grows increasingly fierce, brands are always looking for the latest innovation in packaging to “wow” their customers. So, we’re often asked, “What’s next?”

Well, “What’s next?” has arrived and it’s invisible. Literally. It’s called Digimarc Barcode. IML enhanced with Digimarc Barcodes transform a package into intelligent packaging, offering added value at all stages of the packaging journey. One of the most important advantages is that the label design is the same, but this novel invisible barcode technology introduces a new universe of brand, retail and consumer opportunities.

Digimarc-enhanced packaging from CMG delivers more reliable and efficient scanning by shoppers with smartphones to provide a wide range of branded content, such as how-to videos, promotions of related products, along with augmented reality experiences. The imperceptible Digimarc Barcode makes all this interactivity technically possible. CMG Plastics, a custom plastic packaging innovator, works closely with IML supply partner Verstraete to turn the endless potential of messaging, engagement and data collection into a win-win for brand owners, retailers and consumers alike.

With Digimarc Barcode, consumers can more intuitively scan a larger area of the package. They no longer have to find a small scanning target which may be hidden on a side or back panel. Consumers can even scan the front of the package while standing in the aisle, allowing brands to deliver a better experience and to drive more product scans and sales.

Brand managers and marketing professionals can use Digimarc Barcode as a single solution – an alternative to cumbersome QR codes – to convey product information, and consumer promotions while still retaining the branded style and character of their packaging artwork.

And, this Interactive IML packaging is sustainably responsible and 100% recyclable.

If you have a package with IML that can benefit from “what’s next,” we’d welcome the opportunity to show the many ways you can give your packaging these “superpowers.”

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