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The ice cream section of the frozen aisle at the grocery store has never been more competitive or saturated with options. In addition to dozens of flavors, you have low-fat and nonfat options. You have dairy-free and vegan options. You have locally and ethically sourced options.

To stand out from the crowd and deliver a customer experience that keeps people coming back, you need the right packaging.

Traditionally, ice cream packaging has been made from wet-strength paperboard, which is lined with plastic to keep the package from deteriorating in the freezer. Of course, once you open one of those containers and start scooping, it loses its shape and becomes difficult to reseal, which can lead to leaks in the freezer.

This type of packaging also limits your design options. Colors tend to be muted and it’s difficult to use shiny, metallic finishes. These limitations are a big reason why so many ice cream products look similar on the shelf.

CMG Plastics manufactures rigid plastic containers with in-mold labeling (IML) that overcome these limitations. Modern finishes and textures can be combined with vivid graphics and colors that are printed right into the plastic, creating a visual presentation that commands attention and enhances consumer perceptions.

At the same time, a clear container allows consumers to see what they’re buying. When you think about it, which do you think a customer would rather see, a photo of your ice cream on the package or the ice cream itself in the container?

Rigid plastic containers also maintain their shape after repeated use and are easily resealed to prevent leaks and maintain freshness. Once the customer finishes the ice cream, they can either rinse it out and use it for something else or recycle it. Our containers can be made with a percentage post-consumer recycled materials and offers a sustainable option that supports a circular economy.

We’re ready to help!

CMG Plastics operates multiple in-mold labeling systems in manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and Canada. If you’d like to discuss how we can enhance your ice cream packaging using rigid, clear containers with IML, contact us today! We look forward to helping you and will get back to you promptly.