People are finally comfortable leaving the house.

Offices continue to reopen. Summer vacations are on the calendar. Stadiums are hosting baseball games and concerts. Children’s sports and activities have returned, and many kids will be going back to camp this summer.

Now that people are on the go, buying habits are changing. More specifically, consumers who bought food in large-format packaging to stock up during the pandemic are going back to small-format, single-serve packaging.

The biggest driver of this shift is simple – convenience. The less work to use a product, the better.

Food in small-format packaging is easier to carry and gives you more storage options. You can fit small packages into a backpack, lunchbox, or handbag. A single serving gives you just the right amount for a meal, drink, or snack.

Also, you don’t have to transfer food from a large package into a single-use plastic bag or a reusable container that you have to clean by hand when you get home.

Flexible, single-serve packaging, however, presents a few problems. Flexible packaging isn’t as durable as rigid plastic, and it’s less than ideal for liquids or any food that isn’t dry.

CMG Plastics manufactures custom rigid plastic containers as small as a yogurt cup. These containers provide the convenience and versatility of small-format, single-serve packaging without the limitations of flexible packaging.

In the next article, we’ll discuss how rigid, plastic containers in a single-serve format from CMG Plastics offer a sustainable alternative to the conventional packaging model.

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