A McKinsey study found that COVID-19 has motivated consumers to focus more on health, wellness, hygiene, and food safety.

Consumer attitudes on sustainable packaging have gone through a similar shift, as more than half of the survey participants said they are highly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. They said they would be willing to pay more for products with sustainable packaging and seek out that designation on the label while shopping.

In the previous article on the return of single-serve packaging, we pointed out that an ongoing challenge with smaller formats has been sustainability. This type of packaging was traditionally produced using materials and resources that were not easily recycled, which is the exact opposite of what more and more consumers expect from packaging.

Fortunately, CMG Plastics offers custom rigid plastic containers that are made to be part of a continuous sustainability cycle.

Our food packaging can be manufactured in part with post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. Once used, the packaging gets recycled again and materials can be used to manufacture new products. There’s minimal waste, and existing recycling infrastructure is designed for these kinds of rigid, plastic containers.

One major concern with sustainable packaging for both brands and consumers has been performance. In other words, will you sacrifice durability and food freshness by utilizing a rigid, recyclable package versus a flexible, non-recyclable package?

In the case of CMG Plastics products, the answer is “no.” Our rigid plastic containers are far less susceptible to damage and punctures than flexible packaging. With resealable lids, our containers maintain freshness, and because they can be made with transparent materials, consumers can see how fresh the food is inside.

As consumers take better care of themselves, they’re also looking to take better care of the environment. These shifting priorities apply to food packaging and are increasingly reflected in their purchase decisions. Brands would be well-served to seek out sustainable packaging that meets the high standards of today’s consumers.

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