I remember myself as a twenty-four-year-old. Answering phone calls late into the evening. Rushing to drop off a UPS package as the clock struck midnight. Saying yes to everything all the time.

They’re just a few things that represent serving clients in ways that go beyond the norm. Important then. Still important.

Today, the definition of service excellence continues to evolve dramatically. A proactive client dialogue has become one of the most important foundational elements. At CMG Plastics, we want to know our clients’ current and future packaging needs, but beyond that we’re also interested in understanding the broader goals of their brands and their organization. Knowing these things assists us in streamlining our operations and services to create efficiencies that deliver outstanding results and avoid problems.

Ah, problems. They’re inevitable. And solving them is another important part of the service excellence puzzle. It’s a puzzle we think about solving day. CMG Plastics’ on-time shipping rate is in the high 90s, but try as hard as we do, we’re not perfect. When “less than perfect” happens, transparency and honesty is called upon in resolving them. Communicating the issues, the circumstances surrounding them, and how best to resolve them is something takes precedence at CMG Plastics – it strengthens our client relationships. Communication is something we pride ourselves in. When things are going well, and most importantly, when they aren’t. Regardless of big or small – when a problem occurs you’ve got to evaluate and resolve it in a timely way. Keeping customers informed of the situation and that you’re working in their best interests let’s everyone know you’re on their team and working towards the best outcome.

If you’d like someone on your team who’s dedicated to service and excellence, why not contact us at and let’s talk about teaming up.