Sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

But in fact, when it comes to inventory management, it’s true, and it pays big dividends. If you’ve ever scrambled for a solution to avoid running out of inventory, you might just want to keep reading.

Here at CMG Plastics, we like to work in close partnership with our customers to help them anticipate inventory demands, so we ask a lot of important questions, like “What are your sales projections?” “Are you expanding into new markets?” “Are you planning line extensions?” There are quite a few more, and like market conditions these days, they’re constantly being updated. Experience has taught us that it’s one of the best ways to avoid frustration and delays along the supply chain.

Our system of inventory management is based on a simple approach: Keep the flow of packaging smooth and efficient. We’ve even given our process a name. We call it CMG A.S.A.P. – As Seamless As Possible. Thanks to our regular communications with clients and using technology to forecast trends, we look to drive opportunistic actions that prevent bottlenecks, avoid shortages and deliver considerable cost-savings.

The technical component features a fully integrated inventory management system with bar codes and location tracking so you can know precisely what’s in inventory and where it is. We can also tie our system into our clients’ systems, share and integrate data, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and the inevitable delays.

So, if packaging “peace of mind” is important to you, why not contact us and let’s talk – A.S.A.P.