Is there anyone who has not battled a traditional paint can?

Made from aluminum or tin-coated steel, these cans could be opened by inserting a flathead screwdriver around the edge of lid like a crowbar to pry it open. When you were done painting, you had to hammer the lid back into place, causing dents in the lid and possibly the can. If you didn’t create an airtight seal, the rim of the paint can could rust or oxidize, and the paint could be damaged.

Nearly 150 years after Sherwin Williams patented the resealable tin paint can, the shift to plastic paint buckets is finally underway. Additionally, the increased availability of PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials is a major step towards a completely circular production process with significantly reduced environmental impact.

While unused plastic from manufacturing plants has been used to create plastic paint buckets in the past, CMG Plastics, a leading PCR packaging supplier, has the ability to make paint buckets completely from PCR plastic, top to bottom, for a lower cost.

PCR plastic paint buckets are durable enough to stand up to loading, shipping, and repeated use. They can be made with resealable lids, either screw-on or snap-on, to ensure an airtight seal and make it easy for your customers to use over and over. You can even create a special lid with a spout for easy pouring.

Using plastic paint buckets also creates the opportunity for in-mold labeling. In-mold labeling allows you to place a preprinted label directly into a mold prior to injecting plastic. Not only does this make the label part of the paint bucket during manufacturing, but it also opens the door to more creative, higher-quality branding and labeling as part of the same process.

Plastic paint buckets are no longer an aspiration. They’ve arrived, and it’s time for paint brands to get on board.

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