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The answer to this question depends on how effectively you manage inventory, maintain visibility into inventory, keep inventory data accurate and up to date, and communicate with partners, vendors, and customers.

For any retailer or brand, inventory management is essential to maximizing profits and making sure the end consumer can buy the products they want when they want them. Poor visibility, accuracy, and management can result in out-of-stocks, shipping delays, order fulfillment errors, and other problems that eat into margins and profits and frustrate shoppers.

At CMG, we take inventory management, transparency, and communication very seriously. Every item that enters and leaves the warehouse is scanned to ensure near real-time inventory accuracy. We know exactly how much product we have for each customer, and we can tie our ERP system into your system so you have the same inventory visibility as we do.

With a modern ERP system, reliable data, and regular communication, we can track product from the manufacturing floor to your warehouse. We use past performance and advanced analytics to develop accurate forecasts instead of speculating and guessing. This results in optimal inventory levels, fewer shipping errors, higher profits, stronger relationships with our partners, and more satisfied customers.

In the rare case that an order or shipment seems out of whack, we can proactively identify and address the problem with minimal disruption and communicate this information to our customers.

With the right technology, people, and processes in place, inventory management is a strategic asset. This is just one more example of CMG’s commitment to the success and profitability of our customers.

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