Ice cream is the ultimate comfort treat, but with so many choices available to consumers, now is the time to create packaging that stands out from the crowd.

Despite initial concerns about the pandemic’s impact on consumer food brands, ice cream has seen a significant jump in sales. This sector is experiencing exponential growth with many new brands launching and an increased number of alternative dairy ice creams rapidly entering the market.

Whether sweet or savory, “comfort foods” are known to elicit feelings of satisfaction, nostalgia and calm. The uptick in sales is influenced in part by a consumer behavior in which some indulgent foods are used to provide supportive psychological benefits, particularly during times of anxiety or stress.

With legions of ice cream brands and varieties now available in frozen food aisles, how can brands continue to grow market share once life returns to normal and consumer buying slows?

One competitive advantage in this crowded space is the use of unique packaging and visual presentation. As significant strategic assets, the quality of packaging and its design directly impacts how consumers perceive the product and the brand. In many cases, the packaging itself is considered a fundamental part of the brand.

Over the last 20 years, CMG Plastics has seen first-hand how switching to clear plastic packaging with in-mold labeling (IML) helps distinguish brands. IML involves placing pre-printed labels directly into molds before injecting the plastic. The label becomes an integral component of the final plastic mold in one manufacturing step. Brands with clear IML packaging benefit from enabling consumers to see the product before they buy, while the rich textures, colors, images and decorative finishes of IML further catch the consumer’s eye. These advantages, combined with manufacturing efficiency, high-recyclability, durability and overall quality, make IML the perfect choice for showcasing today’s most popular comfort foods.

With twelve in-mold labeling systems operating across manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and Canada, CMG Plastics is ready to show you how to make your packaging stand out on the supermarket shelves.

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