Dual Sourcing Supply Chain - CMG Plastics

Relying on one supplier, or one of anything for that matter, is a risky proposition.

No single supplier is immune from natural disasters, power outages, political unrest, or any number of factors that can disrupt the flow of goods through the supply chain. To be clear, none of these issues is the supplier’s fault. They just confirm the fact that every consumer brand needs a backup plan.

As a result, more and more consumer brands are moving towards dual sourcing to maintain continuity of supply and reduce risk. Brands typically have one primary supplier and one or more additional suppliers to call upon when needed.

Of course, there can be risk involved with dual sourcing. Will other suppliers be able to maintain the same level of quality? Can they fulfill orders quickly? Will they be more expensive?

Also, not all suppliers are willing to be a number two. They don’t want to be considered the backup plan.

As a manufacturer of high-quality rigid plastic packaging products and components, CMG Plastics would love to be your primary supplier. That doesn’t mean we’re uncomfortable being your number two. Given the uncertainty in the supply chain, that’s a pretty important role to fill.

When you partner with CMG as part of a dual sourcing arrangement, you’ll feel confident that there will be zero drop-off in quality, lead times, and cost-efficiency. And you’ll build a more resilient supply chain with a trusted supplier that’s close to home.

Dual sourcing gives you a backup plan. It makes today’s supply chain issues less of a headache. It allows you to fill your hard-earned space on the shelf.

Ultimately, we’re not concerned about being number one or two. Our priority is earning the trust of our clients by consistently meeting their expectations, regardless of what role they need us to fill.

If you’re satisfied with your primary supplier but need a reliable backup plan, contact us to discuss how CMG Plastics can step in and fill gaps when needed.