CMG Plastics Sustainability vs. the Bottom Line Header Image

How CMG Plastics is working to strike the right balance for everyone.

We are often asked by our customers what is the “right balance” between sustainability and the bottom line, and our response can frequently be, “It depends.” Now, while that may sound rather evasive, it’s actually our way of starting a conversation that results in the kind of in-depth needs analysis that generates the smartest sustainable solution.

At CMG Plastics, we approach everything we do in a holistic manner. It’s a point-of-view that’s been embedded in our company’s DNA for decades. We see ourselves as responsible corporate citizens and stewards of the environment, and that commitment is evident today across all of our operations. As part of this effort, we’re incorporating new energy-saving technologies in our manufacturing operations and working on product improvements such as light-weighting technologies.

To help our customers meet their sustainability goals, we offer re-processed, post-consumer materials as well as options to modify existing designs to save weight and improve performance. However, we also work with our customers to identify possible manufacturing and part challenges that may come up when using recycled resins or going ahead with part modifications. We want our customers to make the most informed decision possible to ensure that the changes they are looking to incorporate not only meet their sustainability goals, but their bottom-line goals.

We respect and applaud the sustainability efforts of our customers and work closely to help them achieve their goals. They appreciate the fact that their packaging solution and our commitment to energy conservation are one and the same. After all, we’re all in this together, and that’s one of the most important reasons why CMG Plastics is constantly expanding our sustainability efforts.

Looking for a plastic packaging solution that will be good for the environment and your bottom line? Contact us and discover how we can help.