Finding Solutions That Work for Everyone

When customers come to us for help with a packaging solution, we do everything possible to look at all the angles before making any recommendations. We try to consider all of the available enhancements, options, and alternatives that could impact the design and more importantly the manufacturability of the package.

Customers are often faced with the classic conflict when it comes to product development: cost vs. design. The sales & marketing teams are focused on creating a winning product & hitting all the customer engagement and revenue goals. Operations want to meet their output and quality goals and management wants the product produced as cost-effectively as possible. Who’s right? Well, all three are. However, such as a lot of things in life, a compromise is needed.

For example, take a PET bottle that a customer is looking to have built, filled, and labeled. The marketing teams want an enticing and unique bottle shape, operations want to fill and label it as quickly as possible and management wants the lightest bottle possible. Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want. However, by clearly understanding the needs of each group, we work to come up with a design solution that is acceptable for everyone.

We successfully navigate issues like these through an open dialogue and an environment in which all voices are heard. That is how you resolve conflict – by respecting the priorities of all the parties involved and working to find common ground.

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