Kmart® is the big-box discount department store that’s widely known for its iconic blue light special sales tactic that was originally developed in the 1960’s. The innovative promotional strategy consisted of surprise announcements made when special in-store merchandise discounts were being offered for a limited time. At the beginning of each sales offering, the announcement “Attention Kmart® shoppers…” would be made over the store’s loudspeaker identifying the bargain item. At the same time, a bright, flashing blue light would illuminate an area where the product was offered. Taking fast action was the best way to ensure that you got there before the item was sold out. It worked really well. Their competitors would say, too well.

Flash forward more than sixty years and by now you’re probably wondering what all of this have to do with CMG Plastics. Three words connect Kmart® and CMG Plastics: Taking fast action. In the case of Kmart®, it was moving customers quickly around in their stores to shop. In our case, it means moving people quickly to. And a blue light makes them both happen.

Here at CMG Plastics, we’re always looking to innovate. Sometimes it may be with innovative packaging materials or advanced manufacturing technologies. Other times it can be with logistics or shipping, as in the case of our use of tapeless boxes. Or in the case of the “blue light,” a special way to keep people safe.

Here’s how.

If you’re familiar with trucks or heavy equipment, you probably know that they emit a clearly audible “beeping” sound when backing up. This is to provide advanced warning of their approach to anyone in their path. The forklifts that we use at CMG Plastics are equipped with a similar type of warning system. However, when our manufacturing equipment is in use, it’s not unusual for noise levels to be elevated to the point that earplugs are required to protect a person’s hearing. This safety precaution prevents a wearer from hearing the “beep” from an oncoming forklift.

The solution?

We’ve created an ingenious “Plan “B” and outfitted our forklifts with a laser light that projects a large blue circle on the floor. Every time one backs up, it provides a clear visual warning behind so that anyone wearing earplugs can take fast action and move to safe area.

Blue light. It worked for Kmart®. It works for CMG Plastics.

Innovation never gets old.

At CMG Plastics, we never stop looking for opportunities and advancements that improve how we manufacture, operate, and fulfill orders, while minimizing environmental impact with eco-friendly packaging solutions.