Study: Consumers Prioritize Sustainable Packaging Post-COVID

A McKinsey study found that COVID-19 has motivated consumers to focus more on health, wellness, hygiene, and food safety.

Consumer attitudes on sustainable packaging have gone through a similar shift, as more than half of the survey participants said they are highly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. They said they would be willing to pay more for products with sustainable packaging and seek out that designation on the label while shopping.


Why Rigid Plastic Makes Sense as Small Packaging Is Big Again

People are finally comfortable leaving the house.

Offices continue to reopen. Summer vacations are on the calendar. Stadiums are hosting baseball games and concerts. Children’s sports and activities have returned, and many kids will be going back to camp this summer.

Now that people are on the go, buying habits are changing. More specifically, consumers who bought food in large-format packaging to stock up during the pandemic are going back to small-format, single-serve packaging.


Rigid Pet Food Packaging is the Recyclable, Sustainable Choice

In a previous article, we discussed how rigid pet food packaging aligns with pet owners’ priorities in terms of freshness, transparency, and durability. Of course, it’s only natural that animal lovers would also be lovers of the environment.

According to a survey from 2020, 81 percent of pet owners said taking care of their pets in an environmentally friendly way is important to them, while 75 percent said environmental impact has affected a purchase or lifestyle decision related to their pet.


How Rigid Pet Food Packaging Aligns with Pet Owners’ Priorities

Many of today’s pet owners take pet nutrition as seriously as their children’s nutrition. In fact, six in ten U.S. pet owners will pay more for pet food that suits their pet’s specific dietary needs, according to a Mintel report.

Increased demand for healthy pet food requires transparency. This applies not only to the ingredients on the label, but also transparency in packaging, which allows consumers to see that the list of ingredients matches what’s inside.


E-Commerce is Here to Stay. Will Brands Finally Make Online Packaging a Priority?

The time has come for brands to rethink packaging strategies.

E-commerce has grown steadily for years. The pandemic has made it explode with sales topping more than $791 billion in 2020, according to the Department of Commerce. This 32% increase is the largest annual online sales growth ever recorded – and is not expected to significantly slow as life returns to “normal.”


How the Pandemic Has Created a Boom for Ice Cream Brands

Ice cream is the ultimate comfort treat, but with so many choices available to consumers, now is the time to create packaging that stands out from the crowd.

Despite initial concerns about the pandemic’s impact on consumer food brands, ice cream has seen a significant jump in sales. This sector is experiencing exponential growth with many new brands launching and an increased number of alternative dairy ice creams rapidly entering the market.


The Clear Choice: Competitive Brands Embrace Packaging to Showcase Products

Today’s savvy consumers want to see what they’re buying. Clear In-Mold Labeling creates a visible advantage.

Many consumer brands have switched to In-Mold Labeling (IML). They did so because of its many advantages, like recyclability, high-impact graphics, shipping durability and overall quality. Now, those brands and many more are discovering another benefit. One that helps them stand out even more in today’s competitive market: clear IML packaging.


Sustainability: One of the Many Advantages of In-Mold Labeling

This highly efficient packaging option is fast becoming the preferred choice with brands and consumers alike.

It’s easy to see why the “2-for-1” benefit of In-Mold Labeling (IML) is a competitive advantage for brands looking to shorten the supply chain and streamline the production process. First, pre-printed product labels are injected into the plastic container mold, becoming an integral component of the packaging in a single manufacturing step. Second, in-mold labeling is a highly recyclable packaging solution that attracts many consumers looking for brands that value sustainability.


CMG Plastics Proudly Partners with Contract Packaging Association

When it comes to partnerships, we are firm believers in the adage that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

This is precisely why we are proud members of the Association for Contract Packagers & Manufacturers (CPA), a national, nonprofit trade organization that connects contract packaging firms with suppliers. CPA’s mission is to serve its member companies by providing a wealth of relevant continuing education, market knowledge and member networking opportunities.


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