We Hand-Pick Suppliers Who Build Top Quality Product

At CMG, we know we are only as good as our supply chain. We work with a wide range of partners including mold-makers, automation suppliers, molding machine manufacturers, resin suppliers and many more. However, when it comes time to choosing the right supplier for a project, we are very selective as our reputation is on the line.

When considering the right mix of supply chain partners for a given project, we are not necessarily looking for a low-cost provider. While cost is always a concern, it’s more important to make sure that we are working with true professionals who are trusted, reliable and the best experts for the job. We do extensive networking and qualifying to understand who the right players are, and we align with our suppliers early and establish a comfort level before a project begins, so we can move quickly once it does.

Once our partners are in place, we do not stop there. We are constantly monitoring all our suppliers, including quarterly performance reviews. While we have many excellent suppliers that we turn to again and again; we’re always on the lookout for new vendors to make sure we are keeping up with the latest technologies and working with the best partners possible for a particular project.

For us, having a dynamic supply chain means we are rarely in a position where we have to say, “We can’t do that.” More often than not, we’re able to say, “Yes, we can, and here’s how we will do it and here’s who we will be working with.”

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