Sustainable Building Demands Sustainably Sourced Materials

When most people think about sustainable or green building, they tend to focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, indoor air quality, and water conservation.

According to a recent survey, however, about a quarter of builders and remodelers said one of the top three customer requests they receive involves products that conserve materials and resources.


PCR Plastic Paint Buckets Have Arrived

Is there anyone who has not battled a traditional paint can?

Made from aluminum or tin-coated steel, these cans could be opened by inserting a flathead screwdriver around the edge of lid like a crowbar to pry it open. When you were done painting, you had to hammer the lid back into place, causing dents in the lid and possibly the can. If you didn’t create an airtight seal, the rim of the paint can could rust or oxidize, and the paint could be damaged.


How Long Will Your Containers Last in Your Customer’s Garage?

Think about the brand names you see most often when you walk into a neighbor’s garage.

You see a toolbox that’s been beat up over many years but is still going strong. On a shelving unit, you see buckets and containers that were obviously purchased years ago but have been repurposed because the owner knows they’re durable.


A Sustainable, Durable Packaging Solution for Home Improvement Hardware

Packaging for Hardware, Fasteners, Screws & More - CMG Plastics

If you buy screws, nails, deck fasteners, nuts, washers, anchors, or any other type of small hardware from a home improvement store or e-commerce website, what type of packaging would you get?

Depending on the weight and number of items per package, these products are typically packaged in a flimsy cardboard box or a plastic container with cardboard top. Some hardware comes in a plastic box with a top that pops back into place.